Saturday, 26 November 2016

Little Rebels Stick it to the Big Kids

Can I just say how COOL it is that Ottawa once again has a "real rock" station? And may I emphasize how HELLA-COOL it is that they're independently owned and operated? This is major. What Rebel 101.7 calls "The Evil Empire" (monolithic media giants) have been eroding the quality and integrity of journalism, reporting and media content for decades now. It is so bloody refreshing to hear Rebel voices on the air, bringing real rock back to the NCR.

Rebel's tune selection is very refreshing if you get tired of hearing the same old hits people have been spinning over the last 40 years or so. Not only do they play cuts that I haven't heard on mainstream radio ever in my lifetime (Butthole Surfers? I've never heard them anywhere outside my own record collection!), they also play local talent and are diligent about plugging local artists' music and shows. Just because. This is something that other so-called rock stations (sorry, if you play Neil Young at me you're not a real rock station) - the ones owned by the corpulent big-media companies - are not well known for.

If you don't already tune in, please dial up Rebel 101.7, and help them fly their freaky flag for all time.

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