Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Welcome to SceneRazr - Spotlight on the Baddest and Raddest Entertainment in the NCR!

Welcome to SceneRazR, Maniacs  >:]

To paraphrase an infamous person who inhabits the country south of our green and pleasant land: it's time to make things "great." With this in mind, SceneRazR will shine a huge spotlight on the spiciest, sparkiest, shiniest and darkest music, art, writing, film, theatre and performances/entertainment in the Ottawa-Gatineau area - with a major focus on LOCAL talent.

Follow us here at SceneRazR for links to primo events, interviews, and overviews of local artists and shows. Contact us at SceneRazR@gmail.com if you have anything you'd like us to promote in your local arts scene.

Looking forward to kicking it up!

-- Editor

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